Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Our Trip to Philadelphia

                                                               We traveled to Philadelphia
                                                                  on a day trip and went to the
                                                                The Franklin Institute to see
                                                                     The Art of  the Brick
                                                                  designed by Nathan Sawaya .
                                                            This is all statues made completely  from 

This is one of the most substantial pieces of  his work
It has approximately 75,450 bricks and is titled

Adding up to around 4,573 bricks, the  Mona Lisa
''Lego painting'' truly appears to be the
real masterpiece 

The Great wave off Kanagawa
is practically rolling with motion as
would a real wave.
It holds 2,877 blocks
This monstrous cat, the Great Sphinx of Giza
is constructed of  2,604 Legos.

Swimming in a sea of blue Legos,
The Swimmer is a real eye catcher
made up of 10,980 bricks.

This gigantic pencil writing ''Fun''
was dedicated to school being just that.
It takes up 9,800 bricks and is just adorable:)

Labeled ''Disintegration,''
this 3D Lego man is being deconstructed by the winds of life
and slowly disintegrating into nothing.
It is built of 10,124 pieces.

This is probably the most well known
sculpture of Sawaya's artwork.
This man is tearing out his yellow heart and soul,
earning the name Yellow.
He has 11,014 bricks.

                                                 After our wonderful time at Art Of The Brick,
                                                            we went to Marrakesh for Moroccan food.

Doesn't this look delectable? Although this looks
like a kind of cake it really is
honey, almonds, and egg chunks encrusted
in flaky phyllo dough and dusted with powered sugar.
It is one of the many dishes served here.

Here we are, enjoying ourselves (sorry,K wasn't ready for the camera).

This is one of the rooms.  They all look similar to this one.
This picture looks much brighter than it really is as it is
very dark in the restaurant, lending to the atmosphere.


  1. Very cool Lego sculptures! I'm glad you posted photos because I don't think our family will get there to see them in person. Which ones were your favorites, K & L?
    Also - I like your description of the pastry - makes me wanna taste it right now!! :o)
    ~ Renita

  2. Out of the pictures we posted Karis really likes the swimmer and Lexi likes
    the man tearing out his heart and the Disintegration man.

  3. Ladies- Your blog keeps getting better! I really appreciate the dialogue to match the photos. Makes me feel as if I was there with you (Oh, i was, :)). All joking aside, your writing continues to improve. Keep at it. Love you, Dad.

  4. This post was fascinating. Sounds like a fun trip! :) ~ Savana

  5. Nice job with your writing and photos, girls. :0)
    I would like to go back to that Moroccan restaurant, yum!!!