Saturday, September 19, 2015

Eye am always 

                             watching YOU


We got together with some friends 
and dissected a cow eye. Below are some 
random photos during the process. 

Here is a picture of the lens floating in the jelly-
like substance called the vitreous gel. Usually, the lens is clear
although the process of preservation makes it foggy and hard.   

This is our dad teaching us about the eye and showing us how to
dissect it. 

In the first picture we talked about the gel and here it is in this
picture getting separated from the  Retina.

Here is a whole eye  being held and the optic
nerve is chopped off. 
                                             EYE guess that's it for the dissection .


                                       the police dog 

Here is the policeman and his police dog, Bayne. Sergeant Aaron
explained the steps of becoming a police dog as well as
what the dog's role is in times when a police dog is needed.


During the speech Sgt. Aaron
explained that not too many German Shepherds
are purebred because they have too many health concerns
so Bayne is only part German Shepherd.

This image is a demonstration when Aaron told Bayne to attack the
''suspect''. He is in a puffy protective suit while Bayne knocked him down.
This is how they train a police dog.
Bayne  here is trying to sniff out a coin and as well 
a hair clip. He was SUCCESSFUL!!!!!!!!!!

That was only a little bit about police work and  there is so much more to learn.